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UA - U.M. & baggage fee increased

Start from 2 October,2008, United Airlines increased the unaccompanied minor fee and some of domestic excess, overweight and special item baggage fees.


New Domestic Baggage Fees

These fees apply to tickets purchased on or after 2 Oct,2008, for travel on or after 10 Nov,2008. Please visit for more details.


Excess bag

Excess baggage consists of all additional checked bags beyond the baggage allowance, which is either two or three bags, depending on Global Services, Mileage Plus, Star Alliance or military status.


Oversize Bag


62-80 linear inches

(linear measurement = length + width + height)


Oversize & Overweight Charges

(a bag that is both heavier than 50lbs. and larger than 62 linear inches)


Special Items


Bicycle, Scuba Tank, Surfboard, Pole vaults, In-cabin pets, Checked Kennel (small), Dry Ice(up to 5lbs)



Unaccompanied Minor Fee

The unaccompanied minor fee will increase from $99 one way to $150 one way. This change will be effective for tickets purchased on or after 2 Oct,2008, for travel on or after 3 Dec 2008.

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